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ACC develops data-tools for financial institutions working in Cryptocurrency market investment and risk management. Read more.

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Likelihood for future Cryptocurrency price change based on alternative and traditional data.

  • Lower and upper boundary price change movement of a Cryptocurrency for a future timeframe.
  • Alto heavily relies on advanced AI models.
  • 3 years of output history of over 30 Cryptocurrencies.
  • Delivery with secured email or websocket service every 12 hours.
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for financial data-science teams

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Streaming over 1000 hourly data-sets designed to identify Cryptocurrency market behavior.

  • Alternative and traditional data on the market as a whole as well as for specifics, updated according to relevant market changes.
  • Above 30 Cryptocurrencies with 3 years of history.
  • A wide range of data sources including development repositories, blockchain-networks, blockchain-infrastructure, social media, news, prime sites, order books, trend tracking, mining activity and exchanges.
  • Delivery with websocket service providing streaming on an hourly basis.


ACC develops data-tools for financial institutions working in Cryptocurrency market investment and risk management. With wide technological knowledge and hands-on experience in the Cryptocurrency space, we tackle the market’s biggest challenges using alternative and traditional data-sets, deep blockchain-layer research and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Features for each Cryptocurrency
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Our Customers

ACC customers enhance their financial decisions with
data-driven tools

Quantitative Investment Firms

Quantitative and systematic investment firms utilize our endless growing data-sets, which enables them to focus on extraction of patterns and knowledge. This insight is converted in to statistically crafted trading signals and strategies on large sets of Cryptocurrencies.

Fundamental Investment Firms

ACC's data-tools boost the capability of fundamental analysts to determine the health and performance of an underlying Cryptocurrency. This is done by looking at unique key numbers and economic indicators.
Our program enables better identification of fundamentally strong and weak Cryptocurrencies.

Sell Side

Sell side companies leverage ACC's data-tools to closely keep track of the Cryptocurrency market as a whole, as well as performance of various specific Cryptocurrencies. Furthermore our tools allow firms to project their future financials based on various analysis & trends.

Cryptocurrency Teams

Cryptocurrency leading teams expand their KPI's stack by adding ACC's live hourly measurements. Providing a platform for self assessment and data-driven actions.
The KPI's are on various aspects with large influence on a Cryptocurrency market factors, based on deep sentiments and fundamental analysis.


The Cryptocurrency market is an undiscovered transparent territory, filled with exciting questions which require a wide spectrum of big-data sets in-order to illuminate the answers. Universities quantitatively raise and address the toughest questions backed by ACC's data-sets. Contact us.

Exchanges & OTC Desks

Exchanges and OTC Desks add value to their clients decision layer, by providing them updated data on key features. As a result, bouncing rate, to seek information, is reduced while the trading activity is increased.

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